BTEa.k.a Butterfly Effects

About Us

There is a stage in Japan that only the person of the whole scene is allowed to stand. Yes, that is the main stage of VENT, Tokyo. Here, Crazy Neo performs how Techno should be, running an Underground Space named White Space Lab. Here on May 13th, 2016, Composer Syun Nakano (Link: launched a Techno & House party, and that was our former party, "Butterfly Effects".

On June, 2019, 3 years from the launch, the party has been renamed as "BTE", leading to the sunrise of its new form. From October of the year, 3 DJs have raised their hands to inherit the party. The Three were: Hide-Low,ZAWA, and Highball.

They all have "Butterfly Effects" in their bones, ready to pour the new chemical to the party. With organizing turn by turn, the equation changes each time.

Techno freaks, tourists, and yes, "PARIPI", party people hanging around with chicks have gathered all being fascinated by the "Tech". Their background, status etc. wouldn't matter. Audiences have been guided into the darkness, sometimes drowned into the depth of the sounds. What's more, there were times when the party was on the heat as well. All of these have piled up to become as one string, that should be "the BTE".

厳選されたハウス、テクノのアーティストのみが集うVENT-メインステージで勢力的に活動するCrazy Neoをオーナーとする渋谷のアンダーグラウンドスペース White Space Lab。この場所でBGM作家 Syun Nakano (Link: がテクノ・ハウスパーティー Butterfly Effects をスタートさせた。

イベントのロンチから3周年を迎えた2019年6月、パーティー名は BTE と改称され新たな展開へ。同年10月より、渋谷を拠点に活動するHide-Low、ZAWA、Highballが本パーティーを引き継ぐこととなった。これまでの Butterfly Effects での経験を芯に積極的なゲストブッキング等、新たな風が吹き込まれることになるであろう。メインオーガナイザーによって都度新鮮さも味わえることが期待できる。

テクノマニア、観光客、タピオカ女子、パリピなど、出身や立場を問うことなく人々を「テック」で魅了してきた。聴衆をダークに沈めることもあれば、ディープに浸らせることも。ときにはアッパーに。そうやって積み重ねたものが後々大きな輪を持たらす、それが BTE 。